National Gallery of Canadian Drawings

Birth by Mahtab Abdollahi Figure Drawing by Alisha Okum Chant Inuit by Linda Pimparé Chris by Heather La Rue Dogs are people too by Daniel Paul Caron Girl on the beach by Daniel Paul Caron Drummer by Mahtab Abdollahi Fillinger's Quarter Turn Low by Cecile van Woensel France's Favourite Spot by Jennifer Pimentel Guardian of the Shoreline by Cecile van Woensel An Old Family Homestead by Jennifer Pimentel Maria by Ian Cook Salome by Ian Cook Montagnaise by Linda Pimparé Mya by Heather La Rue Plate 56C by Amy Lee Emmons Drapery Study by Amy Lee Emmons Shasta by Alisha Okum Related by Sonja Danowski Shepherd by Sonja Danowski
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